Wind-based Heat on Demand

Integrerede Energisystemer og digitalisering

In this project, we plan to take additional steps to translate the already existing research into a practical setting and bring it closer to a commercial implementation.

Ultimately, we want to define a process to design an optimal architecture for a generic large area village,  as a solution of a generic optimization problem, based on cost and performance.

However, to set up the optimization problem we need to know two critical ingredients: the consumption patterns for each household in the remote village and performance characteristics of the heat pumps. These two directions of investigation are focused on processing large amounts of data and are the scope of this proposal.

The second challenge is to identify the cost and performance drivers for the heat pump technology that are critical to the success of the project. There is a wealth of information available on this technology,but the critical drivers such as real – life performance models or maintenance costs are available only to the experts in the field.

In this project, we plan to review the available data, categorize it, process it and use it to build and validate heat pump models useful for the optimization tasks at a later stage.