LI-ION BATTERY SEMINAR – Bridging the gap between research and industry

On the 7th of February, the Electrical Engineering (EE) Section from SDU, together with Innovation Network Smart Energy, Danish Battery Society, the Interreg 5A PE:Region project and IDA, organized the Li-ion battery seminar entitled “Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications”. The main goal of the seminar was to foster an understanding of Li-ion batteries safety, and to bridge the gap between high-level research institutes and local industries.

The seminar offered a wide variety of researchers who introduced their latest results – including a researcher from NASA, Dr. Eric C. Darcy, who presented the ways of which NASA works to reduce the risk of thermal runaway and overheating of batteries in manned space applications. Other presenters were Dr. Ralph E. White from the University of South Carolina who presented a complex model used to simulate Li-ion batteries, Kjeld Nørregaard from the Danish Technological Institute who presented their institute’s work on battery degradation, Roberto Scipioni from The Danish Technical University who presented his work on experimental analysis of LiFePO4 cell degradation, as well as SDU’s own Ph.D. Paul Coman, who presented the results of his dissertation on modeling thermal runaway and basic background of safety.

The seminar had an exceptional participation of 53 persons coming from companies and universities from both Denmark and Germany, fostering networking and strengthening of the Battery Community locally.

More information:
The presentations of each participant are available on request. Contact Martina Simurda at for the PDF files. You can also find the event description HERE.