Pascal A/S


Headquartered in Copenhagen, in Denmark, Pascal is the world’s leading provider of pro audio amplifier electronics.

Specializing in the design and manufacture of highly advanced and powerful compact amplifier modules, our business model is dedicated to providing OEM amplifier solutions for the world’s professional PA loudspeaker industry; serving the live event and tour sound production, and systems installation market sectors.

Founded in 2006, the company has swiftly risen to become the international market leader; attaining that position in just 10 years. Moreover, Pascal is among the top performing companies in the Danish economy, with an annual growth rate, over several years, in excess of 50 percent.

ISO 9001 certified, Pascal currently operates out of an HQ comprising over 1,700 square meters of floor space, employing some 38 personnel; over 60 percent of whom are directly involved in R&D, product planning and engineering. Manufacturing is outsourced to the pro audio industry’s leading CMS providers.

An avowedly team-based organization, the company’s DNA is routed in a symbiotic relationship of people and technology, its commercial and engineering success jointly attributable to human and technological resources.