Deep Tech Experimental Hub Grand Opening

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The Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, is delighted to announce the official opening of the Deep Tech Experimental Hub, a new research facility dedicated to education, research and innovation in engineering sciences. The facility boasts state-of-the-art experimental laboratories within civil and architectural engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering, and it is a critical element in the buildup of engineering sciences at Aarhus University.

Deep Tech Experimental Hub 

Since pre-industrial times, engineers have been frontrunners in the technological revolution. With solid technical insight and deep theoretical understanding, they have bridged the gap between research and real life: the DNA of engineering sciences.

Experimental research is a critical element in the buildup of engineering sciences which is a major strategic focus for Aarhus University. This is why we now invite you to the opening of our grand new research facility with state-of-the-art laboratories: an experimental playground for some of our leading experts in the classical engineering disciplines.
The facility contains one of the largest indoor drone cages in Denmark, a climate lab, engineering maker spaces, experimental wind tunnel laboratories, robotic facilities and a range of other labs and workplaces for research in smart tech, construction and infrastructure, metamaterials, etc.             

With the completion of these pilot-plant scale facilities, the Department of Engineering continues its journey towards the global elite of engineering universities and providing the very best education for the next generations of skilled Danish engineers within deep tech.

Admission is free. Please register before 29 April 2019 HERE