Online workshop: Data-Driven Technologies for Energy Efficiency and Flexibility

CITIES is a research project about smart cities and smart energy systems.

100% renewable urban energy systems, is 100% possible. We are actors from the Danish industry, academia and public sector pioneering the green transition through integrated energy systems powered by intelligent use of data.

In the quest for fossil-free cities and a fossil-free building sector, there is continued need to maximize energy efficiency of buildings and energy systems in cities. Even the limited energy use should to a maximum possible extent come from renewable sources, and the classical challenge of balancing demand and supply becomes an issue, which calls for flexible operation of all units.

Contemporary digital and data-driven methods are key to optimize the operation of buildings and district energy systems such that use of fossil fuels can be minimized without compromising on comfort and functionality of the built environment.

The workshop will give an overview of potentials and state-of-the-art technologies in the field.

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