Danish Battery Symposium 2019


The annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society is hosted by Aarhus University’s Department of Chemical Engineering and focus on current and future battery activities in Denmark with updates from research and industry.

This is the 7th annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society and an exciting program has been made with internationally renowned speakers within flow batteries, battery safety and battery application. In addition to the talks, there will be member updates, a breakout session with three parallel tracks and a lab tour.

The symposium is hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering in Aarhus and during the day, a tour of the battery laboratory facilities at AU will be given.

The breakout session provide a unique opportunity to dig deeper into a subject and it has turned in to a recurrent event at our annual symposium. This year, the breakout session tracks will focus on flow batteries, battery safety and in-situ X-ray characterization.

The general meeting is planned for an afternoon session at 16:45, between the symposium and the dinner. For those not attending the general meeting, refreshments will be served and people are encouraged to network with the other participants.

The speakers are:

Christine Minke:  Energy Research Center, Technische Universität Clausthal
Michael J. Aziz:  Center for the Environment, Harvard University
Søren Bødker:  CEO of VisBlue