Innovation Network Smart Energy

The Innovation Network Smart Energy is a part of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's efforts to strengthen technology and innovation in the business sector

Our focus area is energy technologies and our aim is to bridge the gap between research institutes and companies with one mission: To convert specialized knowledge into new ideas and tangible solutions for the energy system of the future.


The network's target group is Danish companies (especially SMEs) who manufacture and / or develop solutions within smart, integrated energy systems and all kinds of technologies that can contribute to energy efficiency and the transition to a fossil-free energy system.

Inno-SE addresses the social challenge expressed in Denmark's goal of being CO2 neutral in 2050 and the EU2030 targets adopted by Denmark, where the energy efficiency target is 27% and the EU's total CO2 emission reduction is 40% by 2030 compared to 1990.

The integrated, intelligent and energy-efficient energy system is featured in FORSK2025 with a focus on the development of new and better production technologies within renewable energy, conversion technologies, storage, flexible consumption and energy efficiency.

Inno-SE has five focus areas, all of which relate to the areas described in Forsk 2025, where there is a need for technology development. The five focus areas are:

  • Integrated energy systems and digitization
  • Intelligent building applications and energy behavior
  • Power electronics
  •  Energy storage
  • Heat pump and cooling technology


Inno-SE's goal is to be able to allocate and disseminate the latest research-based knowledge to Danish energy companies and to facilitate collaborations and projects between knowledge institutions and companies throughout Denmark.
The network has access to facilities in all Danish regions and the professional environments of the country's leading technical universities and GTSs in energy branch.
The cornerstones of Inno-SE's strategy are the concepts of knowledge sharing, smart, energy and technology.

  • Knowledge sharing refers to collaborations between Danish energy companies and research institutions. One of the most important tools for securing knowledge sharing is matchmaking.Such activities are often the first step in the development of collaborative projects. The knowledge-sharing is also ensured through a number of events, dissemination efforts and internationalization initiatives, which ensure that the network's activities are also aimed at foreign knowledge environments, clusters and technological hot spots.
  • Smart refers to the intelligent way in which technologies can be integrated into the energy system, for example by means of digital services.
  • Energy refers to all potential energy carriers that can be relevant infrastructures in both the current and future energy systems.
  • Technology refers to the technological solutions developed by Inno-SE, which count both components, applications, services and systems.