VI Edition ofIndustrial/Ph.D. Course inStorage Systems based on Li-Ion Batteries for Grid Support and Automotive Applications

The course starts with an overview of electrochemical battery storage technologies with special focus on the lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, the services that the energy storage can provide for grid applications will be discussed. This will be followed by a lecture about lithium-ion batteries fundamentals and Matlab exercise on optimal sizing of storage in different stationary applications.

The second part focuses on lithium-ion battery technology performance modeling. Lithium-ion batteries laboratory testing and electrical and thermal performance modeling will be presented. Simulation studies in Matlab will be performed, where course participants will develop their own performance model of the Li-ion battery.
During the third day lifetime degradation, ageing phenomena, lifetime testing and lifetime modeling of lithium-ion batteries will be covered. Moreover, lecture about emerging lithium based battery technologies will be provided.

The last day is devoted to automotive applications. Aspects related to li-ion battery management systems for vehicles will be covered together with methods of lithium-ion battery diagnostics and state estimation. Moreover, sizing and control of battery-powered vehicles will be addressed. The fourth day will be finished with the exercise on li-ion battery powered vehicle.

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