Green Power Electronics – Online Workshops

We would hereby like to invite you to one (or more) of our 1-hour online group discussions – for companies and other stakeholders, within the field of power electronics in Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark.

Participating in the advisory group discussion will gain you access to other PE companies within the two regions as well as the Baltic countries, which couldn help you to further expand your network and business relationships.
Furthermore the Green PE project will give you access to leading researchers within the power electronic industry, which can help you develop your competences within next generation of power electronics such as GaN and SiC.

In the attached files you can find a short introduction to the project, along with a thorough technical presentation on advanced power electronics.
If you find it interesting please register for the advisory group discussion on the link below.

We are looking forward to having a good discussion with you!

These workshops will take place on the following dates: