COORDICY – Final Conference


COORDICY: Reaching 2020 Energy Efficiency Goals in Public and Commercial buildings

Hear the results and cases from the COORDICY project towards world-class energy efficient buildings.



In the EU and the US buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumption, and the co2 emissions from buildings amount to 36% of the total emission in the EU and 39% in the US.

COORDICY is a strategic DK-US interdisciplinary research project for advancing Information and Communications Technology-driven (ICT) research and innovation in energy efficiency of public and commercial buildings.

The project contributes to the Danish goals of achieving a 75% reduction in energy consumption in new buildings by 2020 and a 50% reduction in existing buildings by 2050, and the United States goal of doubling its energy productivity by 2030.

COORDICY has done so by considering relevant factors such as occupant behavior, weather conditions, construction typologies, thermal properties, building systems and controls, and their complex interactions.

The development approach will enable public and commercial buildings to play a central role in a future sustainable energy system.

The COORDICY project has linked universities, technological service institutes, public bodies, municipalities and industrial partners in a joint international effort on research and innovation of ICT-centered building operation technology of commercial interest to a fast-growing global market.


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